Winter's Mystery
Winter's Mystery
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Take courage!

What has worked for others can work for you.

A beautiful volume of transformational poems

with mood-matching photographs

offers comfort and coaching, practical steps

and a journey towards healing.



This poetry book is medicine for healing body, mind and spirit in these uncertain times.


Reading these 84 poems wirh Nature's healing photographs will sooth your cares away. 


I share some methods and gifts of my own inner healing towards wholeness.


These poems are fillrd with insight, wisdom and truth that leads one to desire

to seek their own transformation.


They offer a travelog that encourage the reader to go within and discover the true self.


 Winter's Mystery: 


Find Your Hidden Treasure Within These Transformational Poems and Photographs 

“Patricia Blumhagen’s collection is no less than astonishing in its ability to offer up a clear-eyed, poetic memoir of the odyssey of becoming....Truly, you could spend months—if not years—plumbing the depths of each and every verse with which Blumhagen has gifted the world.”

—Rachel Snyder, author of Be Filled with Faith: Words of Well-Being to Strengthen Your Spirit


Rating: 5.0 stars

Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:

Spiritual Journeying

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite


"Winter’s Mystery" is a combination of spirituality, psychology, poetry and photography, about journeying within. Patricia Blumhagen has written her new book to help people on their journey to finding wholeness in their life. It is not always an easy journey; it involves being courageous enough and leaving behind your old life of lies, fears, rejection, loss, abandonment and so many other issues that plaque your life now. There is no judgement on this journey, only love and forgiveness. Join Ms. Blumhagen in the journey to find the wholeness in your life you long for. 

This book is full of poems and helpful insights to help in your journey. Though sometimes I had to read a poem a few times to understand its real meaning, I felt them heartwarming and interesting. If you find yourself with only a few minutes to read, this book is great because each poem only takes a minute or so to read. Most of them come with a picture on the same page to help you relax and understand better what you have read. The outside cover has a beautiful winter-white scene with a door inviting you to walk through, and you can tell the book is well-thought-out by the beauty of the inside and out. If you love poetry, you will find the inspirational poems in this book to be enlightening and entertaining. There is definitely something here for everyone. Why not pick up your copy today and enjoy for yourself?


It is my wish that those who read the poems

and view the photos will find comfort and healing.

Happy journeying!


Thanks, to all who purchase the book.


May your spiritual journey become the guide that opens the door into your wonder.


It is my hope that, your soul will be birthed by this collection of poems,

Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying.









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