Winter's Mystery
Winter's Mystery
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Patricia R. Blumhagen's Transformational Poetry

The Treasure

Somewhere inside
Lies a treasure
Waiting to come forth
Somewhere buried inside
Waiting to become known
Somewhere inside
Hides a light
Something inside
Nudges it forth
No need to fear the night
It too guides the way
Something inside
Not outside
Is ready to emerge
Something inside calls
Come forth

                                   ~by Paricia R. Blumhagen~

                                                                                           copy righted - all rights reserved

                                                                                           posted PRB  3-30-2014

Credit: Patricia R. Blumhagen

    Will The Tree Come To Life?


Deep down inside the darkness lingers

No movement is felt

Hidden in its depths is the solution

To bring forth its growth

Hungry for that life it waits in confusion

Not certain for the who or why

Yet it dares to become ready for rebirth

Will it let go of the old

So that newness may come forth?

Who knows!

Battered and tossed by winds and rain

It remains barren

No birds fill its branches

No fruit to refresh the hungry

Leaves do not grace it with beauty

What is its purpose?

Where is its life?

One moment in time it stood young

With fruit in abundance

Now it stands in full view for all to gaze and wonder

Will it blossom forth again

Or will it be cut down

Never to have known its possibilities?


       ~by Paricia R. Blumhagen~

        copy righted - all rights reserved

           posted PRB  4-7-2013



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