Winter Mystery: Reinventing Health
Winter Mystery: Reinventing Health
REINVENTING HEALTH Holistic Health - Nutritional Healing
 REINVENTING  HEALTH Holistic Health - Nutritional Healing
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Winter's Mystery A Collection of Transformational Poems & Photographs about Journeying Within
Reinventing Health Publishing Winter's Mystery by Patricia Blumhagen



Patricia R.Blumhage Indie Author:


Writing is my food for satisfying life's purpose and meaning. I write transformational poetry that addresses upheaval from change. As a spiritual coach, my work is healing with words to awaken the Divine Spirit within. I listen with the heart to understand the deeper meaning of the words that are spoken. I create a safe place for acceptance and compassion while gently guiding the individual towards understanding what might be preventing them from experiencing their power.

  • Emotional pain
  • Reclaiming and Empowering Self
  • Rebirthing the power within
  • Reinventing the undiscovered self
  • Finding meaning and purpose

Winter's Mystery- Time To Go Within   Emotional/Inspirational Poems & Photographs about Journeying Within. It invites the reader to open the door to find their true Self and know that there is a way even when none seems available. I love words and creating poetry that touches my deep feelings is therapeutic for me. (i.e., " What is Emotional Well-Being?") You are not alone, Patricia will be with you, watching and waiting to witness metamorphosis as your process of transformation unfolds. 

As a Spiritual Coach and Interfaith Minister, Patricia will lead you to experience freedom. Her Journeying towards wholeness was a personal turmoil, filled with pitfalls, anger, loss, rejection. and not being validated. Therefore, Patricia has been through the dark night of the soul and found WHOLENESS.


  1. Feel Capable
  2. Believe in Yourself
  3. Build Self Confidence
  4. Transform Your Negative Emotions
  5. Release Fear and Embrace Freedom


Patricia will guide you through your emotional pain to discover your treasure within buried for years.


You and Patricia will explore the root cause/s of your situation and apply practical tools for healing. BUY IT NOW!


"It is my wish that those who read the poems

and view the photos will find comfort and healing. May your Spiritual Journey become the guide that opens the door to your wonder."

Happy Journeying!  


It is my wish that, your soul will be birthed by this collection of poems,

Nutritional Health:

To Your Good Health

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Winter's Mystery Time To go Within Spiritual Jounerying Poems and Photographs

"Winter's Mystery-Time to Go Within: Spiritual Journeying"

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