Winter Mystery: Reinventing Health
Winter Mystery: Reinventing Health

Praise for: Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritural Journeying

Winter’s Mystery, Time to go Within, ISBN 9780578072494, Reinventing Health Publishing, Paperback, 117 Pages $24.95 by Patricia R. Blumhagen.


This attractive little book is a call for individuals to begin an introspective personal examination to rid themselves of depression, fear and personal deprecatory thoughts to reach a point of understanding of the ‘real you’. Unlike most volumes providing thoughts to attempt this proposed transformation, the author has used an extended presentation of poems, with accompanying pertinent photographs, and likened ‘life’s journey’ to nature’s gentle but inexorable march through the seasons. It is beautifully designed with each descriptive photo accompanying the smooth flowing poetry. Additionally, and most helpfully for the reader who wishes to reread /study portions, the title pictures, as well as the pertinent discussion (poetry) with appropriate page numbers, are listed at the end of the book along with a thoughtfully selected bibliography.


In summary, Winter’s Mystery is attractive, thought- provoking book that reminds me somewhat of another I reviewed sometime in the past that was published in Scotland where, as I said, “people still occasionally take time to smell the roses”. Similarly, this presentation is not for everyone, and unfortunately in today’s frenetic world, perhaps will not be read by many who should. In fact, it probably is just for this reason – a world filled with disturbed and disgruntled people – that more readers should do themselves a favor and read this thoughtful, charming presentation. Reviewed by John H. Manhold, an award-winning fiction/non-fiction author.


One sentence summary:


Thought inspiring book; unfortunately, it will be overlooked by those who need it most.       JHM 

Patricia Blumhagen produces a book that many Indie authors can only hope to strive to create. From cover to cover, the style, flow, elegance and professionalism of this captivating collection of voluminous verse and inundating imagery is enough to make the reader aspire to acknowledge the depths of their very own soul. Written in a way which tells the story of rebirth, journey, acceptance of self and a cycle we all live through, this compilation reveals a closure and completeness as told using lyrics and photos meant to drive home this inspirational message.


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Stephen L. Wikson


Blumhagen Has Gifted The World

 “Few among us dare to embrace the arduous path of becoming a fully realized human. Fewer still can return from that hero’s journey able to illuminate the experience with a grace and humility equal to the task. Patricia Blumhagen’s collection is no less than astonishing in its ability to offer up a clear-eyed, poetic memoir of the odyssey of becoming. As well, it serves immeasurable value as a travelogue for journeyers with the courage to undertake their own quests through the darkness and into the light of wholeness. Truly, you could spend months, if not years, plumbing the depths of each and every verse with which Blumhagen has gifted the world.”

—Rachel Snyder
Author of Be Filled with Faith:
Words of Well-Being to Strengthen Your Spirit 

Be Guided by the Power of this Poetry!

 “Patricia’s poetry is intense. It is bold. It is honest. It’s as if Patricia is holding up a mirror and challenging the reader to look beyond their reflection—and if the reader is brave enough to do so—they will be guided by the power of this poetry. And in the end, they will find their own unique path as a result, on their journey home.”


            Author of PersonaliTrees

Why Are We Here?

“Her poetry is a synthesis of who she is and what she has learned by living consciously and asking the powerful question: Why are we here?”
              —NIXSA MARZAN MILLS, M.Ed.

Seek Your Own Transformation


“Discover the beauty of Winter’s Mystery. The emergence

of the human soul. Allow Patricia, through her gift of

poetry, to bring you on a journey filled with insight,

wisdom and truth. Her gift will ignite In you the desire to

seek your own transformation. You will learn much from

the heart of this wise woman. A must read….”

              -Kimberly Anne Laudati. RN, BSN, NICU, IKYTA


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Winter's Mystery Time To go Within Spiritual Jounerying Poems and Photographs

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